IoT In Action: 5 Questions with Dave Smith, VP IoT Solutions, Get Wireless

Q1: How would you describe the current state of IoT?

A1: IoT today is like a Polaroid picture that has not finished developing yet. It has all the potential to become a sharp, clear and beautiful image, but it needs a bit more time to reach its potential. Thus there is still work to be done to become fully developed. One of the most significant missing pieces is around monetization, both cost and revenue models. On the path to achieving scale IoT components need to evolve to be able to be mass produced and deployed without each device having to be individually configured or activated.

Q2: What is the role of Get Wireless in the IoT ecosystem?

A2: Get Wireless is a value-added distributor focused on IoT solutions. Our role is to look at sources of IoT components and to assemble them into viable, scalable, and useful IoT solutions that can sold as easily as selling a boxed, retail hardware product. With our approach we are driving our IoT component suppliers to adopt practices and processes that allow IoT solutions to scale. We achieve this by removing the need to touch every solution component as part of deployment. An analogy in the cellular LPWAN world is having to insert a SIM to use a cellular device. The industry has greatly improved via the use of eSIMs and pre-provisioning. Similarly, we take advantage of eSIM technology in our cellular solutions and structure our LoRaWAN solutions to eliminate handling by the user completely. Mass quantities of devices delivered in an effective, scalable way to our key SI, VAR, MNO and other partners.

Q3: What are the most common questions that customers and partners ask?

A3: The most common questions are around how our distribution partners can increase recurring revenue while improving margins and volumes, hence our focus on abstracting much of the technical concerns with our IoT solutions to drive rapid deployment and scalability. We work daily with our VARs, SI’s and partners to accomplish this rather than just throwing sets of gear over a wall.

Q4: Where is the opportunity in the market today?

A4: The IoT market is still fractured. We see opportunities and growth in some fairly diverse segments that have clear realizable benefits – oil & gas, cities and municipalities and consumer goods. Companies like Amazon and Target are moving strongly to roll out IoT systems into their distribution centers and stores and at customer’s homes to realize efficiency improvements, recurring revenue, and increased worker safety. As those large companies bring scale to deployments and drive costs down, you will see faster growth throughout.

Q5: What does the next year look like for the industry?

A5: Over the coming year we expect to see some large enterprise companies begin rolling out IoT systems that provide real value to large scale customer bases. We see LoRaWAN LPWAN networks growing very quickly to compliment and even exceed traditional cellular connectivity. In early 2021 expect the hear solution announcements by household name companies that will bring real value to customers while massively expanding deployment scale. These expansions should then drive a rapid increase in both cellular and non-cellular LPWAN coverage which will compound the ability of more companies to roll out IoT solutions.


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