Michael Orr

Michael Orr

Engagement Manager

A little bit about Michael Orr

Michael Orr has an extensive background building and leading high-performance growth stage and Fortune 500 technology businesses. Michael has orchestrated and led global launch strategies, market penetration and sales initiatives generating significant growth and revenue for small companies and large B2B and B2B2C corporations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Focus areas have been emerging technologies such as biometrics, IoT, and 5G in key verticals including agriculture, shipping and logistics, hospitality, healthcare, and smart cities. Michael currently is responsible for launching AMO, a leading Korean electronics provider, into the North American and European markets, with products in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Mobile Telecommunications, Agriculture, and Alternate Energy markets.

Previously Michael led Accenture Digital’s sales activities into the Communications, Media, and Telecommunications segment, Accenture’s largest, with digital sales of over $100M annually, including IoT, mobility, cloud, user experience, and analytics.


Earlier in his career, Michael led sales and business development activities for Smarterphone, a Norwegian startup acquired by Nokia in 2011, and has led sales and business development activities for major mobile ecosystem suppliers including QUALCOMM, Openwave, Arima, and others, with significant business conducted in many international markets.